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Are Proxy Services Still Safe to Use?

I’ve been using proxy and VPN services for many years now, in fact my first job in IT was installing and configuring VPN clients on the laptops of a big sales force.   However nowadays I mainly use them for privacy and to bypass all the stupid online blocks that seem to exist all over the internet nowadays.  It’s extremely frustrating if you travel a lot, as the list of what you can access changes every time you happen to switch countries.

For example my all time favorite web site is probably the BBC one.  Not only can I watch live British TV online live, but I can also catch up with different shows through the iPlayer application.  However the instant that I step out of the UK none of this works any more, the live TV stuff disappears and iPlayer will not work apart from with a few of the radio channels.  It’s the same with my favorite US web sites, Pandora is a wonderful internet radio station, which tailors the music you hear based on your ratings – however outside the USA it simply stops working.


This is the main reason people use proxies and VPNs, to bypass these restrictions – however some countries are even worse and even democracies like Turkey routinely block access to all sorts of different websites.  The idea is that for the blocks implemented by countries and governments all they see is the British proxy or US VPN server and so you can access the site that they have blocked.  Many people in China routinely use these servers because of the number of sites which are blocked.

The problem is that many of these services are free which of course most people prefer to having to buy IP address services, however people don’t seem to realise that it’s impossible to run these servers without getting some sort of payment.  The reality is that most of the free servers inject adverts into either your computer and your browsing sessions, they then make money from clicks to the adverts.  This doesn’t raise much which is why these servers are so slow and overloaded, however recently there have been some worrying developments.

A company called Hola which is one the biggest free proxy providers, based in Israel has another method of raising revenue from it’s ‘free users’.  What they actually do is use any unused bandwidth on your computer, and resell it as a premium security VPN service.  So while your computer sits idle, your internet connection is actually being used by complete strangers to route whatever traffic that they like.

The reality is that for a proxy/vpn service to be safe and secure then  you’ll need to pay for it.  There’s no other way unless some billionaire decides he’s going to foot the bill for the world’s privacy protection then watch as millions use it to stream soaps and movies to their desktops.

James Hall

To Hull and Back – City of Culture 2017

Hull was in some ways a surprising choice for the 2017 City of culture, however the city is definitely taking the award seriously.  This month a conference will be held exploring the different ways that technology are impacting art.

The organisation Digital Utopias who are currently funded by the Arts Council (with some funding from Google) will bring together a host of other arts based organisation and technology related specialists at the Hull Truck Theater on the 20th January.


So what’s happening there?  Well there is an extensive programme of events covering all sorts of areas.  From showcases of new technologies and debates on a variety of arts related subjects.  One interesting exhibition is that of generative literature where the text is actually generated by a computer using a set of formal rules, there is also something that most children will be familiar with – the award winning video game – Minecraft.

All delegates will be able to meet and discuss matters with many famous artists like Thompson and Craighead, Mathew Fernandez and Memo Atken.

The finale is expected to be the immersive digital art piece by the Marshmallow Laser Feast and the Alexandra Whitley Dance company.  This has been described by the organizers as a ‘duet between human movement and the digital world’.

The hope is that many people will make use of these unique networking opportunities with artists being able to meet some of the digitally creative businesses that are based in Hull and the surrounding regions.  The hope is that Hull will become a hub for digital technologies in the run up and including the 2017 Year of Culture.

There is extensive investment with building already begun on the new Centre for Digital Innovation.  This will be called the @TheDock and you’ll find it next to the old dry dock which sits at the mouth of the river Hull. This combined with some new modern office space represents a 13 million pound investment in the city’s infrastructure, which hopes to attract start up digital design firms and already established businesses seeking to locate in a ‘design friendly’ environment.

There is no doubt that Hull feels that technology is an important part of the City of Culture events, especially as they are most likely to bring more employment and investment in the area.

It’s not uncommon now, for areas like Hull to look to completely different areas in order to bring jobs to the area.  It was traditionally an industrial town, which has suffered with the fall in manufacturing over the last  two decades or so.  Jobs related to technology and digital media by their very nature  tend to be well-paid and are relatively easy to promote requiring minimal investment in infrastructure.  The markets are huge and varied, many companies promote and sell their digital products like this online and can really base themselves in any location as long as there is decent internet access.

It’s an exciting time for Hull and hopefully 2017 will be a real success for the city and bring a welcome boost to an area that has had it’s problems over the years.

Amy Calforth

Digital Media Correspondent

Can Anyone Earn a Living in Digital Art?

For artists who work primarily in digital media, it is something that is very difficult to do. After all their physical counterparts can produce a piece of art which has uniqueness at the core of it’s value. You can’t simply replicate an oil painting or a statue, but for digital art this is entirely possible and anything can be replicated thousands of times in minutes. This obviously has a huge impact on it’s value and means that most digital artists have to replicate their work in the physical world in order to survive.

This is generally done in the form of prints or physical copies of their digital art, it’s not something that is done for inspiration but rather by necessity. In stark contrast to other areas of society, the technology section of art is the poorer neighbour – if you want to make money you’d be much safer sticking with traditional areas of art like painting, design and sculpture.

We are still a long way off, a proper acceptance of digital art and it’s unlikely that digital pieces will reach the same prices at auction as traditional forms at least in the short term. However it can only be a matter of time, purely because the digital world is of increasing important and it’s only natural that our appreciation of digital art will grow.

For many of us, our lives involve a huge digital and online aspect. The internet touches all facets of our existence particularly that of leisure and entertainment. Even when we travel now, the portability of devices mean that we can still keep in touch with our normal digital lives. There are some restrictions of course, some media providers online now restrict access based on your location – it’s this sort of control that needs to come to digital products to increase their value. Even though you can bypass these restrictions, this post shows how you can use a UK VPN to connect through to UK only sites – restrictions like these and advanced watermarks will improve the value of digital products.

The art market will certainly become more accepting of digital art over the next few years. Many expect the rise of 3d printing could be a huge enabler in this area. Producing physical representations of what we produce online will become much more accessible and cost effective. This should at least give digital artists some further options of monetizing their creations without having to recreate a physical version from scratch.

Heather Williams

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A World of Entertainment Online

For a TV lover like myself, the internet has been a wonderful invention.  I’ve never been one for long blockbuster films, but crime dramas and TV series are perfect for me.  Over the years I’ve certainly been spoilt as I lived in the UK and there’s some of the best TV dramas in the world. Even better are  the national broadcasters like the BBC in Britain and RTE in Ireland.  Why should it matter ?  Well the basic difference for a viewer is that national TV stations are largely advertisement free which means you favorite shows don’t get interrupted every ten minutes with hundreds of adverts.

Unfortunately for the last six months I have been living and working in Turkey.  Now don’t get me wrong, it’s a wonderful place to live and the people are very friendly – however the TV situation is not so good especially as I can’t speak Turkish.  But this is where the internet has come to my aid and brought me back into the land of global TV.


Now I appreciate that you can spend all sorts on fancy satellite dishes to get access to British and US television stations.  However this is not always practical for people who move about a lot.  The solution is to switch your viewing online.  As long as you have decent internet speeds – upwards of 5mbs for instance, then you’re capable of streaming TV over the internet.

My favorite shows are mainly on UK and US television and all the major media companies have online sites which play most of their shows there.  The one problem that all expats and travellers have using this method is that access is normally restricted to people with domestic IP addresses.  That is if you want to watch the BBC you need a British address, NBC requires you access with a US address – the requirement goes on and on – German address for German TV, French for a France based sites – for more information see here.

It is a nuisance to say the least and not really in keeping with the model I grew up with of the open internet.  Fortunately at the moment there are methods around all these blocks which the TV companies don’t seem to fussed about.  They involve using proxies or VPN (Virtual private Network) servers to act as go-betweens for your PC.  These enable you to hide your real address and connect using one of the server – so for UK TV Online you’d connect to a British proxy first.

It’s not perfect and does add another level of expense, but for those of us who really enjoy watching TV and find ourselves travelling a lot the small expense is very worthwhile.  You should look around at these services though as there are quite a range to choose from.  For frequent travellers look at something that has a wide range of servers in the specific countries you need to connect to and the ability to work on different devices like tablets, smart phones and even smart tvs.

Global Climate Debate – Australia’s Poor Reputation

There has been a growing consensus that certain countries are very much lagging behind in climate change action. During the United Nations climate negotiations, two countries are being singled out away from the official discussions – Canada and Australia.

It is being reported even by Australia’s own representative at the symposium – Professor Peter Doherty who will be a party to the memorandum detailing the suggested recommendations. Doherty reported that Australia is emerging as public enemies amongst the countries represented – not a great result for two countries who were thought to be powerful advocates for reducing carbon emissions. Many think that these countries are out of step with the rest of the planet in making a real effort to combat climate change.

The Climate Change Authority (CCA) recommended that Australia increase it’s commitment to cut 2000 level emissions by 2020 from 5% to 19%. Although it’s the biggest cut of any developed country, it represents just how far Australia has fallen behind other countries.

It is ironic that Australia is lagging so far behind, because it has in reality more to lose. Australia is subject to extreme weather conditions and a rise in temperature could cause devastation throughout large parts of the country. It is essential that it take climate change more seriously and makes the tough choices needed to combat the threat. If you check out the local media online, which you can do using an Australian proxy, then you’ll rarely see the sort of coverage that climate change get’s in other countries.

It is essential that Australia improve and quickly, it does have the potential to seriously reduce it’s emissions by harnessing energy efficiency electrical systems instead of relying so heavily on the use of fossil fuels as it does now. Although Australia has large amounts of mineral reserves, scientists suggest that 75% of known fossil fuel reserves should stay in the ground.

Professor Doherty suggests that Europe has begun to take climate change more seriously as a direct result of many catastrophic weather events that have occurred over the years. He also suggests that there are much better links in Europe between policy makers and the scientists advising them than is in the case in Canada and Australia.

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Travel the World – Try Smart DNS

If you travel around a lot and use the internet, you’ll probably notice that your physical location affects how and what you can see online.  For the most part this is fairly useful, for example if you’re on holiday in Spain and looking for a restaurant then it’s Spanish locale results that you need.  Just about every major web site customizes your experience slightly based on your location.

So how do they do this?  Well your physical location is linked in with your IP address and this is what the website detects.  If you go to from France, Google will look at your French IP address and redirect you to the French version.  Unfortunately many web sites also enforce restrictions based on this, which is not quite as desirable.

So imagine you’re a UK citizen on holiday in France for a week, you fire up your laptop or tablet and try and watch the evening news on the BBC.  What you’ll get is a message saying it’s inaccessible in your location – it’s irrelevant that you pay your license fee, the decision is merely based on your location.

Of course, there are ways around this – one of the most popular is to use a proxy server to hide your IP address a bit like this.

This works brilliantly if you’re using a PC or laptop for example however for other devices it’s not quite as straight forward. After all nowadays people use the internet on other devices like games consoles, smart TVs and other such technology. So obviously you can’t install PC software or enable a VPN on those – so what can you do?

Well there’s another method of hiding your real location and it’s called Smart DNS – it’s explained here. However basically all you need to do is change the DNS settings on the device you’re using. That is of course and awful lot simpler than installing anything, you’ll normally be able to access these under the network configuration settings.

What happens is that the ‘smart’ dns server will intercept requests for special sites which are likely to block you – such as Hulu, BBC, ABC etc and then reroute part of the traffic through a proxy server in the correct location. This means that you don’t need to filter all your traffic through a proxy just enough to fool the receiving server that you’re in the right country.

Looking After Wooden Fences

Some fences can last for decades depending on the material, and wood fence maintenance is exactly how you can preserve this type of fence. You can get away with metal especially if it is coated with vinyl, but wood is a different story altogether. On the other hand, if your fence doesn’t look good, then that will possibly be a problem, too. What we have here are 3 tips about wood fence maintenance that you can learn and then use.

So you have finally decided to stain your fence, great, but learn what needs to be done and the best way, first. Your stain has to go on with the same depth as anywhere else and this will put the protective coat on it much better. You can find some stains that are engineered to be expressly for wood fences, and this may be a task that warrants some help from the local store. Avoid staining your fence on a humid day unless the manufacturer says the stain will be all right in these conditions. Usually, when people are not happy with the outcome of the staining process, it is typically due to deviating from the best use guidelines.


If you want a truly rural looking fence, then find wooden dowels that are used in place of nails. Ask about the benefits of using non-metallic devices, and sometimes they may last longer and they certainly will not rust. Wood does not have a strong grasping quality with nails, and that is just the nature of wood and the combination. After about a year, this may become more prominent, but your occasional inspection will identify these trends. If you are unsure about how to check your fence for these phenomena, then that is when you call the contractor to come out and give you his assessment.

How often you clean your fence and what you use will dictate if you should use tarps or similar items. If you’re just power washing with water then you can ignore this step, but if you’re using a solution or bleach and water, then use the sheeting. Avoid doing this on a day in which there may be high humidity as you want to have the best conditions for drying processes. If you allow the bleach water to get on the grass in strong enough concentrations, then you may create a brown spot. A fast scrub down on a wet surface that is your fence means you can achieve desirable effects.

Be sure you know what needs to be done and best practices for wood fence maintenance. If your fence has a stain on it, then that will reduce the frequency at which you have to power wash the fence. So be sure you adhere to any directions you receive for the proper care of your fence.

Jane Heathers

A First Look at the New Sanyo VPC-GH4 Camcorder

Every electronics manufacturer makes a variety of cameras and camcorders, and you may be wondering what’s special about the Sanyo VPC-GH4 Camcorder. Of course, you decide which camcorder is best for you. However, there are a number of advantages with this popular camcorder from Sanyo. For many people, this camcorder has lots of excellent features for its price. Keep reading to find out what the pros and cons are of the Sanyo VPC-GH4 Camcorder.

The Sanyo VPC-GH4 Camcorder is easy to integrate with digital TV or a DVD recorder. With this feature, you’ll be able to watch your videos on a large screen. This camera has a mini-HDMI output so you can connect it to other devices. Moreover, you can connect the camcorder to your computer and do a direct transfer of photos and videos.


Once the camcorder and computer are connected, just drag the photos and videos from the camcorder and drop them in a folder on your computer. From there, you can share the photos and videos with friends and family via email and social networking websites. Many users like the Sanyo VPC-GH4 Camcorder because it works with many devices, and connect seamlessly to new technology – I’ve had mine streaming direct to the UK using a VPN server on my computer like this one. It certainly allows you to optimize your use and enjoyment of your videos and photos.

The Sanyo VPC-GH4 works with several platforms. It will work with your computer if you have the latest version of Windows, Windows 7. It’s easy to play the videos on Windows Media Player.

If you need to edit the videos you took, you can do this in Windows Live Movie Maker. This camcorder may or may not be compatible with a Mac, however. You’ll come across some product descriptions of the Sanyo VPC-GH4 that claim it works with a Mac, and there are Mac users who say that they were able to connect the device to their Macs, transfer the videos, and edit them on iMovie. There have been complaints, however, that it isn’t fully compatible with Mac, so it may depend on what Mac operating system you’re using.

One of the Sanyo VPC-GH4 Camcorder’s selling points is its compact design. Nonetheless, its small, compact size is a disadvantage too. Although a bigger camera isn’t the most convenient thing to carry with you around, it’s very easy to handle when you’re taking photos or shooting videos. One complaint by users is that the Sanyo VPC-GH4 Camcorder is hard to grip due to how small and compact it is. To some degree, this depends on the size of your fingers, but if you’re accustomed to small cameras or taking pictures with your smart phone, this shouldn’t be a problem for you.

Like most electronic devices you can buy, the Sanyo VPC-GH4 Camcorder has both good and bad points. Few cameras are ideal in every way, especially when they are priced as reasonably as this one. The Sanyo VPC-GH4 Camcorder is a camcorder that’s so easy to use. It is able to take good quality videos and makes it easy to share your videos to others. If you have reasonable expectations about this camcorder, you’ll find that it’s the perfect camcorder for you.

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Looking for a New Tablet – Start Here

Anytime there’s a lot of competition in a market such as that for tablets, that is when innovation happens. What you’ll find is there are some that are better than others, but they’re all unique in their own way. So this is the natural result and in time some will drop out and others will appear. Tablets are not for everybody just because some don’t want a device as big as a tablet.

What is there to talk about concerning the iPad tablet that has not already been said? Maybe you’re totally in love with video chatting, and you have to admit that it’s a lot of fun.  Nowadays you can turn your tablet into a media powerhouse too, watch this video which demonstrates how you can buy and enable a VPN application on any tablet to access media sites across the net – like Netflix, BBC iplayer and thousands more.


The battery once fully charged up will last for most of the day you’re awake, so that should cover you pretty well. Then there’s the ever famous operating system by Apple which is one that satisfies millions of users. If you like apps, well – there are over 300,000 available from the Apple App store.

One of the nice features of the BlackBerry Playbook tablet is the 1GHz processor that has dual-core design. You won’t mind how well it performs with multimedia, but one thing about this is it may be better suited for business use. One thing about this device is you’ll need to get familiar with BlackBerry’s OS if you’ve never used if before. Watching videos is a pleasure and you won’t be disappointed with it.

If you are a total Windows lover, then the Archos 9 tablet is for you since it runs on Windows 7. You really won’t be disappointed with what you get in terms of features because it’s pretty rich in them. You’ll also really like the fact that it has a USB port, plus you can get full touchscreen functions but there is an upgrade involved with that which some may view as a negative. They could have done some things differently, but they didn’t however it’s still a worthy tablet. Tablets are only getting more popular, and that means they’re only going to get better. Determine your needs, first of all, and then match that with what you can afford. No matter what the reason for buying a tablet, you can find something that will serve your purposes very well.

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Entertainment Throughout Canada – A Brief Guide


Montreal, and Toronto, Ottawa, Vancouver are the four top theatre facilities (most have been in English). Homegrown ability combines here with shows imported from the US as well as Europe. Ancient theatre and musicals are consistently popular and are generally excellent quality. Shakespeare is not unpopular, however there’s a broad spectrum – a fashionable resurrection of the 1980s hit Fame proved to be a long-running success in the late 1990s in Toronto. Summer attractions are to the increase, although the primary theatres recorded opposite possess a primary season from November to May.


Hollywood blockbusters that are imported don’t have any better prospect than where premiers tend to be concurrent using the US visitors may well view movies in advance of a showing within their particular state. OMNIMAX movie theaters and the enormous IMAX, generally 20 displays, should be within the middle of important cities, especially in Hull and Ottawa. For those who like watching from home, then you can invest in a VPN service and watch BBC iPlayer Canada through the proxy server.

Canada includes a great history much more lately the documentary genre’s art films have brought a broader audience, and it was invented here.

The primary centres to find out the tendencies that are brand new are Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal. Robert LePage, film impresario and Canada’s own theatre, has an international following. The National Film Board chooses and releases a work by natural gift annually, consisting of documentaries, cartoons, and feature films.

Opera and classical music attract big audiences in Canada, which is represented by the high quality of places and performers.
The National Ballet of Canada can also be based here, competition both firms feature experimental work within their seasonal run and period pieces. Nicely over 100,000 people annually visit the famed Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra to be heard by the state of the art Jack Singer Concert Hall. The Vancouver Symphony Orchestra plays in the Orpheum Theatre.


During the 1990s, a credibility was got by Canadian pop music its kindest supporters would acknowledge had formerly been lacking. The Celine Dion in Quebec is a star and Bryan Adams and Shania Twain are stars that are international. Alanis Morissette, a worthy successor to the tradition of folk rock of her country tours the world. Canada could very well be the best known with such stars as Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, and Leonard Cohen being the best known faces from a centuries-old tradition.

Atlantic Canada has numerous miniature, casual places, where an exceptional standard of music are available. A violin accompaniment is regularly offered by Prince Edward Island and the folk festival in New Brunswick observes both dancing and music. The French folksters in Quebec comprise vocalist Gilles Vigneault who’s also respected in Europe.

Harry Webnapp
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Swimming Your Way to Good Health

When you begin thinking about starting a new exercise program, you want to consider which type of cardiovascular workout to do. One option is to do a combination of exercises, taking advantage of the forms of exercise you enjoy. You can expect to improve your heart health and enhance your energy levels when you do your cardio exercises. When you’re attempting to get your blood circulating, there are numerous indoor and outdoor activities that can be beneficial. Keep reading so you can discover how swimming may be the cardio exercise for you.

With swimming viewed as an all-around exercise, your body weight is supported by the water and, therefore, your muscles are less stressed. You might want to try running as a form of cardio activity but you have to be very careful, even with right footwear, that you don’t put too much strain on your joints. Alas, with many forms of cardiovascular exercise, you run the risk of injuring your body whether it’s a minor sprain or a more prolonged injury. Swimming does not result in this type of injury and, so, it is common for injured athletes to take up swimming to help them keep in shape.

Starting a swimming workout program involves little in terms of preparation or planning. For serious swimming, you need to invest in special type of swimwear as well as a pair of goggles and possibly a swimming cap. Furthermore, you need to find a swimming area, whether it’s a private membership or public access, that will allow you to swim lengths without interruption. Once you are ready to begin your swimming program, you’ll need to go twice or thrice a week so you can make the best progress. There are lots of guides and even videos online which can help you improve all thought strangely some are restricted to specific countries – use a Smart DNS proxy service if you’re affected.

Consider doing a variety of swimming strokes to help you keep your interest and to work on various parts of your body. For instance, there may be days when you aim to swim as many lengths as you possibly can at a nice steady pace and then another day you may want to do more intense sessions of some faster swimming with short rests between a cluster of circuits. You also have the option to use various swimming strokes and even add swimming aids to your routine as you get better.

If you are using swimming as a component of a cross training fitness regimen, try to structure some of the workouts that you do in the gym to help you with the way you swim. Performing flexibility and muscle strength exercises will help to improve your motivation to swim and your technique too. A huge plus that you will get is developing a toned swimmer’s body which will lead to a feeling of good health.

There is no doubt that swimming can give you a fantastic cardiovascular workout and give you the confidence of a great looking body also.

John Hetherns
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Choosing a Digital Camera For Your Children

Finding the ideal digital camera for kids in 2012 could prove to be challenging. The selection of digital cameras for your kids is large although the features are standard. Research is very important to be able to find the best choice for your child. Even if your kid is a bit advanced and capable, avoid the temptation to buy a cheap adult digital camera.

One of the reasons not to buy an adult camera is that it may be too delicate for them. Manufacturers try to make kids’ cameras strong but some do not make them durable.

Not all digital cameras for kids have a review screen for playback but the Sesame Street Real Digital Camera does. Cameras for children are just as varied as adult cameras, and you will learn that by doing thorough reviews. There are a lot of different kids’ cameras, so you shouldn’t expect the quality, specs, features and functions to all be the same. One of the trade-offs with this camera is lower quality images. If your child is planning on taking a lot of pictures, there is room for an external memory card, which can go with the 8 MB of memory capacity. This camera uses its relation to Sesame Street as the primary marketing appeal. If this program is popular with your child, this might be the camera he or she might prefer. If you are looking for a camera, but you are on a budget, the Crayola Kidz digital camera is probably what you’re looking for.

Quality and low price tend not to go hand-in-hand, however. There are positives to this camera such as a design that makes it easy for kids to use. People of reported that the Crayola Kidz camera, for an unknown reason, has erased images for no reason at all. Not too big of a problem, unless of course you cannot take the image one more time. When this happens, they can actually upset people very much. On a final note, this camera does come with great software. You can actually made a puppet character out of your images using it.

The technology of course is always changing, and children are very aware of new features when they get older.  A camera will probably be outgrown pretty quickly whatever you spend on it, so don’t waste too much money.  It’s very similar to TVs, if you like new features any TV will have a limited lifespan.  What’s worse today’s brand new features come at a premium price, next year they’ll be standard issue.  Just like the new networking features on my Smart TV which I paid a fortune for two years ago, now you can change your IP address on any standard TV – check this.

The Sesame Street Real Digital camera features flash capability which is needed for indoor picture taking and low light levels. The low resolution (0.3 megapixels) of this camera is something even kids will notice. Any camera that you give a child should have extreme durability. Seriously, you know how kids drop things just because that’s what kids do. Not very durable, this camera definitely does not make the list of cameras that can handle maltreatment from children. There are some nice features such as adequate internal memory of 8 MB and a slot for an SD card. But honestly, it’s tough to get past the fact that this camera will be damaged the first time it’s dropped. Keep in mind that your child will outgrow any digital camera you buy. Before you get a camera for a child, consider the recommended age listed on the box. If your child is 5, for instance, then that is approaching the cut-off age for most kid cameras. Plan in advance and then go with what will be the ideal match.

Charlie Heaverstock

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Is Glutera safe for consumption?

Many people asking about whether Glutera from is safe for consumption or not. Well, I’ll give a little help to answer this question.

Glutera is made from herbal compositions with glutathion as the main composition. Glutera does not contain of harmful substances such as Hidroquinan & Mercury. So, Glutera is safe and it has no side efffect. However it’d better for those who have a critical illness such as diabet to consult to the doctor for Glutera adaptation consumption.

Glutera is different from other drugs because Glutera does not cause dependence. In fact there are several medications that cause some spesific symptoms if the drug consumption is stopped. These symptoms occur when the drug is stopped or if the drug effect was prevented by an antagonist substance.

People who is experiencing the withdrawal symptoms, will show many symptoms, such as headache, diarrhea or shaking (tremors). These symptoms can be a serious problem and can even be a fatal. How the drug can be so addict is still complicated and unclear. This process is influenced by the chemical substances in the drugs, the effects of the drug, the drug user’s personality and other conditions, such as hereditary factors.

Once again Glutera is different. In consuming Glutera we are recommended to stop the usage after 3 months of consuming. We should give it a break in ten days. This break aims to train our body to remember and read the Glutathion Precursors subtance that is consumed during the first three months. So that our body will not spoiled by the Glutathion Precursors substance from the outside. At the result our body will be able to produce its own hormones GSH (glutathione) independently. Briefly, consuming Glutera in the long-term is safe for everyone.

Glutera: A Beauty and Health product


Glutera is famous beauty product in Indonesia. It is famous because not only for beauty, this supplement can help the health also. Glutera contains Glutathione that can help our body to fight against free radical from the food, pollution, and smoke, etc. Glutathione is the super antioxidant that produced by our body. Because this antioxidant is produced in our body then we do need to worry about the bad effect.

Glutera supplement can be consumed by women, men, and children. This beauty product has six mains benefit. First as antioxidant or free radical destructor. Second as immune system. Third, as detoxification. Fourth, Cell regeneration. Fifth, Skin Beauty and health. And Anti-aging. 

While consuming this supplement regularly, I suggest that you also use glutera cream and body soap for a better result.

Spending Quality Time with My Dog

Nowadays I am starting to be busy. I got a full-time job, a house to maintain, and all the other tasks to perform that go with life today. I know how much time I spend with my dog will depend on my pet’s needs and personality. That’s the reason why I decided to get automatic dog feeder for her, to get her still get well food when I am not around.

A good rule of thumb is to schedule at least two to three play sessions – 10 to 15 minutes each – per day, which part of the day I spend playing with my dog is almost as important as how often I play. Morning is a great time to play, as my dog has waited patiently for me to wake up after the long night, and she’ll be delighted to get my attention. Late evening, right before bedtime, is another excellent choice. A fit and healthy dog is a beautiful sight. Their muscles are strong and their bodies are sleek. To stay fit and strong, lungs and muscles need to be exercised on a regular basis. Dogs that continue to go out of their properties on a regular basis have the chance to meet other people and dogs as well as to experience the world around them. Such dogs will remain well socialized for the rest of their lives and will often become more and more of a pleasure to take out as time goes by.

Automatic Dog Feeder Makes Your Life Easier


I have two years old dog that lives with me in a small apartment. I need to work for 10 hours a day. Usually I take my dog to my neighbor and pick him up when I am finished. Sometimes I am worry about him, is he treated well? Or is he even eating? But then my friends recommended me an automatic dog feeder to help me feed him better. Because it automatic so I just need to set the timer and my dog can feed freely. After having it I was not worry anymore about my dog’s food. It makes my life easier.

Tips For Stain Removal

Everyone will at some point have an accident in the home and cause a stain. It could be on the carpet, table, rug or sheets. There are specialist cleaners out there who can easily get your fabric looking good as new. If you need a quick solution though we have a some tips for different stains.

Red Wine
It could happen at the dinner table or be spilled on carpet. Time is of the key as red wine loves to soak in to fabric.  We reccomend a rather unusual technique. If you happen to have white wine in the same room, immediately throw it over the stain and wash with warm water. When it seems the wine is gone then give the stain a regular wash and you should be able to save the fabric.

Chewing gum is a very hard stain to work with. It can be very stubborn and not repsonsive to your motions. If you find yourself with stuck gum, you can use your freezer. Gum hates being cold as low temperatures cause it to harden up and break easier. If you don’t have much room in your freezer for storage, you can pop some ice cubes in a plastic bag, put it over the stain and wait for it to harden.

Nail Varnish
Whether its your fingers or toes, you can apply varnish on any surface. That means you can get it stained there too. If this happens your instinct is to blot the stain with varnish remover. Don’t throw it on top. Instead apply it to the underside so the varnish can’t soak in. After you’ve applied enough give it a regualr wash and the stain should disappear.

Hair Dye
If you live in a house with linoleum flooring then getting hair dye out can be a problem. If it happens the first thing to do is grab a soapy detergent in water and get those bubbles in there to try and keep the stain off the floor. Grab some bleach (only if the floor is white or creamy) and pop a cap full over the stain, leaving it for half an hour before wiping it away.

If you’re unfortunate enough to cut yourself and get blood on a fabric, grab some baking soda and water and blot it on your stain until you see it lifting off. When you think its gone, keep blotting and then wash the fabric as you usually would.

How to Bypass Geo-Blocks Online

When the internet first arrived there were very few restrictions on what you could access.  The only resources I can remember in the mid 90s that even required a password where some bulletin boards and online libraries based in universities.   Of course the web has changed over the last 20 years or so and you can no longer cruise around without restriction.   One of the biggest culprits if the rise of the geo-targeting web site, which are now common place.

Basically these sites look at your location when you connect in order to decide what you can see.   They record your IP address and then look up your location based on that, this will determine what you can or can’t see on that particular site.  It’s the same technology that sites like Google use to decide which version of their search engine you should use.  The problem is that this technology more often restricts access rather than creating a better user experience based on your location.

When I connect up to the amazing online music site Pandora from the UK – all I get is a little message saying I can’t use it.  Same goes for loads of other brilliant web sites which are only accessible in their country of origin.  So I can’ t access Hulu from anywhere except the USA or worst still I can’t access BBC Iplayer abroad when on holiday. The reasons behind these blocks are varied but it’s mostly about licensing and money, the internet is now big business.

So are we all doomed to be stuck in this little national copy of the internet, where what we see is dependent on where we live?  Fortunately we’re not because the technology to avoid these restrictions is available online too.  There are many options but all the methods basically involve hiding your real IP address (and location) when you connect to these websites.   So when I connect to a US only website, I need to use an American IP address, when I want to watch the awesome BBC Iplayer I must do it using a British address.  This is fairly simple to do – you just need to connect using a proxy or VPN server based in that specific country.  Hundreds of firms have now set up companies selling access to networks of these servers, some even have software which allows you to just select the country you want to be routed through.

Using the right technology it’s fairly simple to open up the internet again, however this is definitely creating a two tier internet.  The reality is that the restrictions can be bypassed if you have the money to utilise the solution – if not you end up becoming a second class internet user depending on your location.

Source – Technical


What You Need to Hear About Netflix

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to complain about Netflix, in fact I love it.  When austerity hit my little flat in New York, incomes dropped and cable subscriptions just seemed too expensive then Netflix looked like an option.  It turned out to be a very good investment for only a few bucks a month – lots of TV and movies.  A slight time delay, some of the series I watched I was a little behind in but in reality it made little difference.  In fact when was the last time you and all your friends watched the same episode of the same series all at the same time?  It doesn’t happen any more, people don’t tune in and watch the same show at 7.00 pm on a Sunday evening.  They watch it anywhere and at anytime, on the bus, in the bath or at work in a sneaky window on their PC.

So Netflix suited me perfectly, a low price and all the entertainment I needed just a little bit later than I was used to.  I also invested in some little devices to stream the shows to my TVs – the one in the lounge and one in the bedroom. There’s a few about of these, I chose the Roku – it works like a charm.  They’re very small and very neat, and although you can’t really tweak and modify them easily they are very easy to use. I thought it was wonderful and streets ahead of the other services I tried which were very restrictive and limited in choice.

Unfortunately this is where the story goes bad a little.  You see I knew that I was going to work abroad in England in a few weeks, for about a year.  Before going I decided to check that my Netflix subscription would work when I moved away, they assured me that Netflix was a global organisation and it would work virtually anywhere but definitely in the UK.  So in a over priced flat in South Kensington, and feeling a little homesick for news of NY taxi driver fights and general US chat – I set up my Roku and connected to Netflix.

Here for the first time I discovered that we’re all not treated equally online, in fact we’re all treated very differently.  The reality is because of global licencing,  money issues, copyright stuff and a load of other rubbish – you get a very different version of Netflix in the UK.  The US version is slightly out of date, but not much but the UK version is way, way back. SO here’s what happens, it doesn’t matter where you set up your account, or where your bank or passport is from – what you see is based on where you are.  It’s worth considering if you’re moving about a lot, the subscription will change greatly.  Of course there are always ways around this –, shows you how to change your IP address in a slightly sneaky way. 


Automatic Pet Feeder for Your Dog


For a dog lover who have a dog or two to take care of but have to work from 7 a.m to 11 a.m per day can use this wonderful invention that ever made. An automatic pet feeder can help you to feed your precious dogs when you are not around. Food is the essential factor in taking care of pets. Can you imagine how pity your dog is when you get home very late and does not have time to feed them, if this last forever, you better give away that dogs to someone who can take care of them better. Using automatic pet feeder you can arrange the feeding time for your dog even though you are not at home at that time. Then you can save them from starving. Because it is automatic, everybody can do it. If you have to go to the other town for working, you can leave your dogs in your friend’s hand. He just need to arrange the time and your dogs can feed on it by them self.

There are so many dog feeder that sold I the internet, just make sure you know the product and buy the best of the best for your precious dogs.

College Students Control Your Debt with PaymentBot

College students must utilize available financial tools such as the PaymentBot to control their debt and keep it from spiraling out of control.

When taking out a loan or any other credit facility, a person such as a consumer may need to understand the cost of their credit. This they may not understand by simply signing forms but via practical information such as that contained at PaymentBot. This online website provides very useful resources for all consumers looking to access loans and credit from financial institutions. One of the most important of these is the financial payment calculator. There are many different kinds of financial calculators available here and these can be readily applied to the different situations all across board.

Basically, it is much easier to take out some loan or credit facility if there are opportunities to understand more about the loan. This is very possible on the website and simply by getting online and having a look at the information posted on PaymentBot, customers and borrowers will be able to understand more about the prospects of their loans. This means they can calculate how much money they can afford and so on. The information will then enable them make informed decisions about just how much loan they can afford and what the regular repayments will be like on a monthly basis.

Thus consulting a website with professionally combined information on matters to do with credit and loans is very important. Some loans have dynamic terms and making regular use of a calculator is very important. It allows one work out all the information they need about their loan and other credit facilities. This is why the website PaymentBot is so important. There are many different kinds of financial calculators available here and these can be readily applied to the different situations all across board. This means they can calculate how much money they can afford and such information is very useful.

Entering College in 2013

As time has gone by, going away to college has seemingly become more and more difficult for students because of two main reasons.

First, there are simply more kids in the United States than ever before so college’s are tougher to get into.  Additionally, more and more international kids are ranking US college’s at the top of their wish lists when it comes time for higher education.  Again, that makes it harder and harder to get in.

Secondly, it is crazy expensive.  College is becoming a go away thing only for the rich it seems which is unfortunate.

So here’s my advice for women starting college-make sure you enjoy your time there.

Entering College in 2013

As time has gone by, going away to college has seemingly become more and more difficult for students because of two main reasons.

First, there are simply more kids in the United States than ever before so college’s are tougher to get into.  Additionally, more and more international kids are ranking US college’s at the top of their wish lists when it comes time for higher education.  Again, that makes it harder and harder to get in.

Secondly, it is crazy expensive.  College is becoming a go away thing only for the rich it seems which is unfortunate.

So here’s my advice for women starting college-make sure you enjoy your time there.

Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous

I am sure we would all be lying if we said we never thought about what life would be like if we were rich and famous and all the amazing things we would do. 

Though their might be limitations on certain aspects of your life due to public interest many different doors would open offering great opportunities. One of the main aspects that people talk about is how having the money could mean a whole different kind of lifestyle. While we open papers everyday to see one celebrity or another suffering from substance abuse this is not true of all celebrities. Having the money and the schedule to maintain a good healthy and active lifestyle is what keeps many of these stars looking as good as they do. 

Of course looks are not everything but a healthier lifestyle and body can lead to a better attitude. Getting to be as beautiful as some celebrities might be difficult without a bit of extra help, see here for more details, but it is not out of reach for many people who make a change in their lifestyle and decide it is time to live a bit healthier.

It is sometimes a more difficult choice tolive a healthy lifestyle but it is well worth it in the long run.


Get Your Bag As Your Jeans

Carrying a unique or classic handbag is an easy way for a woman to make a strong fashion statement. That’s the reason why women like to buy handbag often and spend their money and time just for hunting the latest bag. Sure, they look good the first time you take them out in public.

But the more you look at them and use them on, you soon realize you don’t actually like any of the bags you bought. It’s not always simple to buy ones you will want to use often? First, notice just like a great pair of jeans, a handbag should fit your body type.

The shape of your bag could damage your image so choose the right type .As the recommendation choose the opposite of your body type. For example, pick a bigger bag if you’re a tall and thin woman. Go to and get a feel for how it fits. Pass on anything that makes you uncomfortable. Basic designs and styles will last you through the years while maintaining a sense of up-to-date style.

Shed The Holiday Weight

It is so hard to believe that another holiday season is upon us.  For me, like many others, this means carefully planning shopping trips, parties, wine, baking, and EATING!  From the office holiday party to the regular butter-laden baking I do for the holidays, it undoubtedly means I will be putting on several pounds.  

Aside from the extra eating and calorie-dense foods I will be putting into my body, I will also be too busy to exercise.  So not only will I be eating like a cow, I will also be losing muscle mass when I abandon my workouts for wine and cookies.  Then, like millions of other Americans, I will make it my New Year’s Resolution to drop the holiday weight (plus the extra weight I have been carrying around for several months prior to the holidays from the Halloween candy), which I may or may not follow through with.  

So what is the solution to the ups and downs with my weight and trying to stay slim throughout the holidays?  First, no matter how busy things get, I must always make time for exercise.  The key is to find an exercise program that can make the most of the few minutes I have per day—even if it less than an hour to get it done from start to finish.  The insanity workout was a great solution to my holiday weight gain and workout routine.  It is a high intensity, jam packed workout that will burn an intense amount of calories in a short amount of time.  

So while this season I may still struggle with overeating calorie laden foods, I definitely won’t start to lose muscle mass from abandoning my workout routine.  This means the New Year’s resolution will be far easier to stick to this year.


Control Your Financial Destiny

A reliable interest calculator can be a great tool that would allow you to look at your financial life and eliminate any areas of waste that you currently suffer from. No matter how much money you make, it is important that you do not burn through what you are bringing in by spending your money on things that you do not need. When you use a calculator to look at your rate of interest, you would be able to start eliminating waste within your financial life while learning how to budget. If you are able to determine how much interest you are getting, you would then be able to set a budget that could keep you from having to deal with debt that can be a very big problem in your life for some time to come.

An interest calculator can keep you on track and allow you to avoid overspending. Also, it would give you a better understanding of where you sit financially. This would allow you to work on going forward without the need to worry that you are missing out on returns that would free up some space within your budget. If you have a very tight budget at the moment, you can get a higher rate of interest for the savings you have been placing into an account. Once you increase your returns, you would be able to enjoy more flexibility within your budget while avoiding some very serious financial problems that result from simply not caring.

Choosing An Automatic Litter Box

Tired of cleaning the litter box? Guess what – you don’t have to! If you are a cat owner, taking care of the litter box will be one of the least favorite things. Now there is the option of an automatic litter box that does it for you. To own an automatic litter box is like having an extra person who helps you. Although it is automatic it needs some maintenance. If you are currently using the standard, plastic box, you certainly know how time consuming it can be when you have to clean out the litter box manually. Now leave your previous way and move to the sophisticated automatic cat litter box.

Notice some point before deciding to purchase your automatic litter box. First the design is it suitable enough for your cat or not. How it works, including the application system of the automatic cat litter box for example the urine soaks through the pellets into the “Sani-Solution” and the pellets are washed and then dried with heat during the cleaning cycle. A hooded dome is available to reduce litter scatter. It must be connected to a water supply and a drain it is easy to install with simple tools. Usage Modes, chose the modes you wanted most for your cat, such as Cat-Start, Auto-Start and Push-Start. Cat-Start is the fully automatic mode that runs 10 minutes after the cat leaves. Auto-Start runs some number of times per day, but since the solid waste might be sitting in the bowl drying out, more solution is needed to clean it. Environmental Concerns for example the litter pellets are reused indefinitely and unlike clay litter they are not strip mined. They also contain a special additive that enables plastic-loving bacteria to eat them up in the landfill. If can’t stand the thought of the Sani-Solution but are concerned about clay litter strip mining you may consider purchasing a Litter Robot or Pet Safe self cleaning litter box and then use an environmentally-friendly clumping litter such as Sweatshop. This litter is made from wheat rather than clay.

Briefly think about your reason to purchase it (self-cleaning, help the environment, etc.) and weigh the pros and cons carefully to decide if it makes sense for you.

Connecting With The World


Staying connected with friends and family no matter where you are in the world has never been easier thanks to the advances in modern technology that has seen social medai move to the forefront of communication.

Social media case studies have shown the rapid rise in recent years due to computers, laptops and mobile devices finding their way into day to day life. 

People who may not have had contact with each other after leaving school or jobs have been able to stay in touch and it is not only these cases that have benefited.

The entertainment world that includes music, film and TV have all embraced social media and found it to be the best way to keep in touch with fans and keep them up to date on everthing that is happening.

It is difficult to imagine how social media and communications are going to improve further but with it being such big business it is almost certain that they will and it will be interesting to discover just where we will go next.



Working In The Fast Food Industry

There are a few things people should know about Working in the food industry. One of those things is that safety procedures and handling of food can be very strict. The reason for this is because people will be handling food that will be served to people. 

These days the quality of food and drink in these places has improved somewhat compared to 20 years ago. For example, most fast food restaurants will provide freshly ground espresso coffee rather than the instant version of days gone by.

When Working in the food industry a person can expect to work in a fast paced environment, regardless of where they work. The food industry is fast paced because food will constantly need to be served, packed, prepared and so forth. A person who wants to work in the food industry should be prepared to be able to work fast and nonstop.

People who work in the food industry need to be prepared to communicate with other people on a daily basis. Works in the fast food industry are always communicating with people throughout the day, often nonstop. Workers will need to communicate with management, co-workers and customers. They will also most likely communicate with other types of workers in the industry, such as independent delivery drivers. Communication skills are very important to have for anybody Working in the fast food industry. 

There is also one more important thing to know about working in the industry. A person who wants to work in the industry, regardless of what their job title is, they will need to be willing to learn new things often. The food industry is constantly changing and workers need to be aware of such changes. Things such as quality control, operations and ingredients in certain foods are just some of the things people will need to constantly stay on top of when they work in the food industry. 

There are many other things a person should know about the industry, if they choose to work in the industry. These three things are just some of the essential things they should know.

Good choice for your kitchen

Today I want to talk about some of the best kitchen appliances which I believe everyone should have at home.

The very first one of them is a good cheese grater. I know this may sound stupid and simple, but the majority of recipes and food dishes that you will be making will require cheese sooner or later, so you better have a good one for that. Amazon has some nice deals at this moment, so it might be worth checking it out.

Another good appliance which I believe is a must have in all kitchens is a good immersion blender perhaps like a Miallegro 9090 hand blender. This is a fantastic tool, one that has showed up not long ago and it is already one of the best selling hand blenders on amazon. If you need an immersion blender, this is certainly a good choice.

Another good one to have is a decente food scale so you can measure your food properly. Today these digital kitchen scales are not very expensive so it might be a good idea to get one – you won’t pay much and it will certainly aid you when you are trying to figure out how much you should have of a certain ingredient.

An online business that will last for generations

The advent with the internet delivered an entire new possibility for accomplishment to your generation. Whereas throughout more mature generations, business would need to become create bodily at a spot manned with individuals, your internet has removed the importance for these kinds of components. This process imparts the particular website the refurbished sense of direction as well as lucidity. While suitable business web design templates are mounted to provide the website new lifestyle, the particular website owner is quickly confronted with several powerful the opportunity to reassess your route of the online business.

Right now, you can simply run a successful business starting from the comfort of your house together with simple some type of computer with an internet link. Because of this, many online companies have put their hands up practically immediately. Nonetheless, as we say which anything at all really worth doing may be worth successful, there are particular keys a few and put into action to achieve the flourishing online organization. Just about the most critical indicators can be traffic generation. For your online company to achieve success, you will have to consistently push traffic to be able to your website. With a little determined effort and several meticulous planning, you possibly can make your business templates work the same manner an individual created the idea for your website.

Going through the means of free prospecting is really a clever shift for anyone if you do not want to take a large risk once you start an online enterprise. It really is generally a risk no cost opportunity at this stage. To find out no total assure for these kinds of services, not perform paid for services will offer a 100% return or sale conversion from the leads they provide. And besides, should you happen to be using positive results using free leads, you can up grade to realize experience a new broader client base.





Gunsmithing — Is it For You?

Check out this video from one of the popular gunsmithing schools:

What do you think?  Is gunsmithing for you?

Gunsmithing is becoming increasingly popular as both a career and hobby for many.  It’s a skill that you would think is best taught in person; however, many online gunsmithing courses are popping up online that allow gunsmith students to learn about the art and trade through live videos and instructor interaction.  If you’re looking for in-person training, Pennsylvania Gunsmith School in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is one of the country’s leading gunsmithing schools.  You may also be able to find courses at local vocational schools or even community colleges.

If you decide to pursue gunsmithing as a career, you can start at a local gunsmith shop and work your way up, or you can offer custom gunsmith services independently.  Depending on your level of skill and experience, you may be able to earn up to $65 an hour in the U.S. — much more than many college graduates! 

If you find gunsmithing interesting, consider researching the available education options and taking the plunge.  If nothing else, you’ll have fun learning a new skill.

Our Elected Officials Need To Get A Clue

We are in the midst of a recession and although the government would like you to think things are getting better, most people know they are not. Anyone without a job knows that it is extremely tough out there and finding work is depressing. So many jobs that once were American jobs are now outsourced and there seems to be no reversing this trend.

People need money more than ever before as they find themselves behind in their mortgages and credit cards. Many of them are desperate and in times like these they don’t think straight. In this case it means many of them turning to the U.S. government in hopes that they can get some free money there. People don’t understand that our government is even more bankrupt than they are.

There are no things such as debt relief grants and free money from the government! Most if not all of the safety nets have been used up and at this rate there is no telling what the future will be like. Our government isn’t some war chest of money that has unlimited funds like some people seem to believe.

More debt has been taken on in the last 3 years than any other time in this countries history. But our media barely mentions it and people seem to be largely unconcerned because they always seem to think that somehow things will take care of themselves. This is one time where the hole that has been dug might already be too big to “take care of itself”.

Americans need to smarten up and start realizing that they have to put pressure on elected officials to become fiscally responsible. They need to do this NOW as it might already be too late and if nothing is done soon then it surely will be too late.

What To Expect From Automatic Cat Litter Box

If you feel no matter how often you scoop the used litter but there always seems to be some odor hanging around a litter box, then an automatic litter box for multiple cats may be your only solution.  Bear in mind that most automatic cat litter boxes require you to buy a new tray with some specific brand of kitty litter.

We own two cats and both have profound personalities. If our cats are not pleased with the location of the box, they may stop using it. Who would want a house that is full of urine smell and not to mention the daunting task of having to remove the urine odor from places where your cats urinate.

If your cat does not like the new automatic litter box, at least you can return it. Cat litter box problems can usually be solved, once you know the cause. There are also reports of some brands of cat litter, where the design attracts cats to pee or spray on their sensors.

 In fact, some cats are just fascinated by these things, and will never want to use an ordinary litter box ever again :).

Internet Technology – Proxies

It used to be that just geeks and computer techs would ever need to use a proxy server however times are indeed changing.  The problem is that the previously wide open internet is becoming more and more restricted.  Have you ever clicked on a YouTube video and been told – ’sorry it’s not available in your country’ or tried to buy something online and told you can’t.

The problem stems from the way businesses are operating online, they don’t like the idea of one big open market.   This is because they can’t operate price discrimination which involves charging the highest price you can in each particular market. So for example you can sell films or DVDs for once price in Asia and then charge much more in Europe for the same product.

Great sites like the BBC, Hulu and Pandora who work in the entertainment arean also restrict who can view their content – normally restricted to their home market (everyone else pays!).  It is easy to bypass though – because the restrictions are based on your IP address and you can use a proxy server or VPN to bypass this.

This site for example explains how you can access the BBC Iplayer from anywhere, using a UK proxy Iplayer allows you to stream BBC shows in places like the USA without restriction.  The website thinks your location is the same as the proxy server so allows you access.  You then switch to UK, USA, France or whichever country you need depending on the site.  The web didn’t used to be like this – but unfortunately nowadays you need to know about things like proxies and VPNs in order to surf wherever you like.

Why Does My Cat Spray All Over The Place

Cat spraying is something that cans do in order to mark their territory. This habit is both intrinsic and primal, done by the feline species by placing a bit of their own urine on walls, doorways, pieces of furniture and other surfaces that are vertical. A cat sprays by first backing into the space, his or her tail shaking, and then after squatting slightly, this cat will begin to spray urine onto the space.


Why does my cat spray all over the place?

Most cat owners tend to assume that their cats spray urine because their cats have a problem with their litter box. In most cases, this is untrue. Even cats that are trained to use the litter box can spray urine, and the behavior is done as a means of communicating to other cats that the territory has been marked, and other cats are not welcome to use this space as theirs.


Territory marking

Male cats that have not been neutered are likely to spray, as soon as they are sexually mature. This can be anywhere from 5 months to a year in age, and there are plenty of factors behind when tom cats might begin spraying. One possible factor is that this domesticated male cat lives with other domesticated male cats, and spraying is a tom cat’s way of asserting which territory or territories in the home belong to him.



Stress is also another possible cause of a cat spraying. If you wish to prevent your tom cat from spraying, it is advised that you get him neutered while he is a kitten. Ask your cat’s vet for professional advice as to what the best time for this might be. Feline spraying actually happens all the time, and this behavior has led to having many cats put to sleep. When stress is the main factor behind a cat’s spraying behavior, it could be because this cat feels unsafe or insecure in a home. This cat might be getting bullied – by another cat, a family member, possibly even your child. This is why it is important to set boundaries and ensure that your cat feels safe in your home.


Pheromones in cat urine

Pheromones are found in the urine of cats, and these are the chemicals that communicate the message that a certain territory has been marked by a cat. Most of the time, spraying also occurs when it is mating season, and male and female cats communicate with each other using the pheromones in cat urine.


How to deal with spraying cats

While neutering has been proposed as a solution for spraying cats, it is not foolproof, and it is still possible for a neutered cat to spray, although spaying or neutering has proven to have a success rate (for stopping spraying) of about 77%. Castration has been proposed as a more effective solution for mature male cats, and this has proven to have an effectiveness rate of around 87%. Also consider drugs for anxiety like valium and Clomicalm, sprays or diffusers for pheromones (such as Feliway), as well as cat repellants like SSSCAT.


Giving Wine Gifts for Health Reasons

When we give gifts, we can give them for any reason at all!

One reason I tend to give wine gifts above others is that they are healthier for my friends and family.  Outside of some of the less clear reasons that wine is good for you, there is quite a bit of research which currently shows that wine is good for overall heart health.  Basically the idea is that wine helps to both remove bad cholesterol as well as alleviating any swelling which is occuring in our arteries.  That swelling, even in tiny amounts is thought to be one of the causes of heart attacks.

I feel good that by giving wine gifts, as opposed to something else like a restaurant gift card that I am helping my friends and family to live a happier and healthier life!

How Sexual Education in Schools Can Prevent Teen Pregnancy

There has been an alarming increase on the number of teen pregnancy cases as reported recently. This brings about the need to offer a more comprehensive sexual education program to orient and even re-orient adolescents on the risks of behavior that may result to teen pregnancy and increase awareness on sexually transmitted disease.

Sexual education is often a program that is extended by learning institutions and learning facilities for the youth. A good sexual education program must aim to increase levels of awareness on sex related topics addressed to students who are in their pre-teen or teens. Sexual education may even be taught at home via online resources, this technique will specially be helpful for students under home study programs.

Sexual education taught in schools, whether it is via traditional school setting or online schooling, will significantly help decrease the number of cases of teen pregnancy. Teaching methods should be made to adapt to the style of living of students within the group. With basic care, proper attention, and the use of the right learning tools to educate the youth about the risks of teen pregnancy and other health social factors will help prevent these cases in the future.  

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RV Rentals – A Great Option

If you are one of the many outdoor enthusiasts who have plans to pull off a weeklong getaway with friends or loved ones then you may want to consider an RV rental.  The next best way to explore lots of places without experiencing the inconveniences of public transportation, RVing will make your vacation hassle-free, exciting and fun.  With so many RV rental companies these days, you will be spoiled by the head-turning selections available. 

Compared to buying a new RV unit, renting an RV is far better option for most of the people these days.  The following below are some of the perks of RV rentals – advantages that you yourself are capable of experiencing if ever you choose to rent instead of buy:

If you don’t see RVing as a permanent living set-up, then why buy a recreational vehicle?  It’s more practical to rent an RV for a span of days, especially if the purpose is a vacation.

Renting a recreational vehicle offers outdoors enthusiasts the chance to live onboard while on the road, to experience the mobile lifestyle firsthand without the need to stay in this setting for a long period of time.

If you have come to a final decision of buying an RV unit in the future (for whatever reason), then renting a recreational vehicle firsthand will prove to be a nice gesture to solidify your choice.  This will help you determine if you like traveling by RV.

RV rental companies these days have a wide array of recreational vehicles in terms of design and types.  You don’t have to limit yourself to one or two RV types.  Some of the most popular ones include class A, class B, and class C motorhomes, pop up RVs, campervans, and travel trailers.  You can even rent a toy hauler if this something that you want. 

In summary, the only way you can test-drive an RV, to find out if it’s something that really interest you, is to rent one.  This is a great way to learn if RVing is really right for you.

Does Bamboo Cultivation Endanger Pandas

Pandas are an endangered species, especially the giant panda. There are now only 20 groups of giant pandas left in China. Fears of a narrowing gene pool and disease as well as human encroachment make the giant panda’s future very uncertain. Efforts to breed pandas and especially giant pandas in captivity have met with very mixed results. The panda seems a very shy and private animal that does not take well to being behind bars.

Although bamboo is recognized as being the greenest of materials because of the incredible speed at which it can grow, there is a worry in the minds of consumers that buying bamboo might harm pandas.

The panda’s diet is 90% bamboo. The average panda will spend 14 hours a day foraging and eating bamboo. The panda has specially adapted teeth, paws and stomach to deal with the fibrous and tough bamboo plant. It is not an easy plant to breakdown and gain nutrients from. The panda lives, eats and breeds in bamboo forests. The panda is completely reliant on bamboo. Without bamboo the panda would perish.

So is the fact that people buy strand woven bamboo flooring affecting panda numbers? Or bamboo furniture or bamboo kitchen utensils? The answer is nearly always ’no’. Most bamboo cultivation in China occurs in the south east province of Guangdong. The panda lives in the mountainous areas of other provinces such as Sichuan, Gansu and Shaanxi. Moreover, it is normally the tall and hard moso bamboo that is grown for commercial purposes. This type of bamboo is too big and hard for pandas. They prefer the smaller grass bamboos.

Knowing the fear people have of buying bamboo products that might negatively impact on pandas many bamboo companies label their products to make it clear that the bamboo was not taken from panda habitat.

Bamboo is too much of an important renewable resource to stop using. We just have to make sure that we stay out of the panda’s way.

How to Access Hulu From Anywhere

Most of the internet used to be pretty much open, for the first few years of it’s existence I don’t remember seeing any blocks or filtering.  That’s changing rapidly now and if you surf the web a lot you’re probably becoming used to the “Not available in your country”, “sorry not accessible” type messages which mean somethings stopping you accessing a site.  A lot of the time this is no big deal, after all there’s usually another source or site which offers something similar.

But there are some website which are genuinely unique which are only accessible from specific locations.  I’m thinking of media sites like Pandora, Hulu or the BBC, which offer videos, music and TV that you simply won’t find anywhere else.  I first noticed it when travelling home from a business trip, I was in a French airport and trying to watch the news on the BBC Iplayer.  It wouldn’t let me simply because I did not have a UK IP address.

Hulu does the same even checking that you are not using a US based proxy server to bypass their filters.  The technology simply looks up your IP address when you connect, checks the location of that IP address and then decides on whether you can watch or not.  Using a proxy used to work perfectly but lots of sites stop this practise (although oddly the BBC never stopped this).  Nowadays you have to use more advanced VPNs and encrypted tunnels – you can read about this software and subject on this site –

Using one of the VPN services you can connect to a server in the United States before you load the Hulu website.  When you access the site Hulu will look up your IP address and see the VPN server one not your real one.  That’s all there is to it except you obviously have to pick the right country to connect to.  For M6 Replay you’ll need a French server, the BBC a UK one and so on.  Fortunately most of the best services offer a range of servers in different countries so it’s just a matter of clicking on the country you need from a list.

Entertainment on the Ipad

I’ve never been that bothered about getting the latest gadgets despite having worked in IT for most of my life.  All around me my colleagues seem to upgrade their phones, laptops and TVs every other month but not me.  I did however succumb to the sleek lure of the new Apple Ipad and I thought I’d jot a few lines on what I use it for.

Initially although I liked the look and feel of the Ipad I didn’t really see what the point of it was.  However after a few weeks I was noticing that whenever I wanted to look up somthing quickly – it was the Ipad I turned to.  The laptop took too long to boot up and the PC was tucked away in an antisocial room away from the family.  As I started using it I also began to collect a series of applications or ’Apps’ as they are called in Itunes language.  First an app which turned it into a Route finder called Co-Pilot, the I started to expand my knowledge of the stars by Starwalk.  You simply point it at the night sky and see all the stars and names etc – all set to some soothing music.

That’s how it started and then I downloaded the Times App which delivered me a copy of my favourite newspaper instantly and several hours before the lazy arsed paper boy made it to my street.  Slowly but surely the Ipad was creeping in to my life and to be honest it’s done it in a calm and relaxed manner.  There are none of the annoyances of using a normal computer in fact the only minor niggle is the inability to use Flash but I can live with that.

I even took it on a short city break to Poland the other month where it was so much easier to carry than a laptop case. I do crosswords on it, read books, watch clips from the internet and a myriad of other things.  In fact I recently discovered that if I I connect it through a VPN then I can actually connect to my beloved BBC Iplayer from my home in Chicago.  I had to use another application and followed these instructions but it was pretty straight forward and now I can watch the British News in comfort in my lounge!

Shopping for Wine

If you’re starting your shopping experience, specifically looking for a cheap wine club you have some interesting choices.  First, while we’re all looking for a deal, when it comes to food and wine cheaper is not always better.  Wine is an interesting product because you can find really good juice for about $5 and you can certainly find a $100 bottle which tastes like it should have cost $15.  That being said, price and finding the right winery does matter.  Plenty of cheap wine is downright disguisting and can turn a good dinner into one which you’ll turn your nose up at pretty quickly.   So how do you find a good cheap wine club which is going to deliver good value wines to your doorstep on a consistent basis?  Start by finding an honest review site which is going to tell you what type of wines are being shipped by the thousands of available wine clubs out there.  That’s usually your best starting point!

Making Moving Manageable

Moving house is generally regarded as being one of, if not the most stressful things that you can do. Finding anything to make a difficult task like this any easier is always going to be warmly recieved.

When you finally get through the stress and hassle of trying to sell your house you may be lulled into a false sense of security before you realize the  enormity of the situation that now sits in front of you. The task of getting all of your possessions safely packed moved and then unpacked can be the most difficult and physically draining aspect of the move.

Finding a good removal company by searching for such things as Bristol removals can be a relief and the weight lifted  off your shoulders can be incredible. By letting someone else deal with all the hassle of packing and the heavy lifting it will free you up to enjoy the move and figure out all the other little details that you may have been too busy to deal with.

You will need to make sure that you find a good, reputable company that you can fully trust then you can sit back and let them do all the hard work.

Looking about online can be useful as most decent companies will have a site as well as looking at reviews and testimonials although it must be said that companies are not likely to leave bad testimonials on their sites as it might prove to be detrimental to their business so finding independent review site can let you get a better idea of the service that you may actually get from a company.


Wine Business

Wine is one of the hottest businesses out there right now.  Almost everyone seems to think that they would be able to build a massive brand like Lot 18, with only a bit of work and a ton of social media savy.

The real question for these dreamers (yes, I should count as one of them) is how you obtain a solid amount of ongoing business.  A wine a month club option is a good way to do that because it offers a way to get customers to commit to receiving wine on an ongoing basis.  It is that stream of ongoing payments which can really make a business successful.

Tips for women entering college

When school is about to get over and teens move away from home to unknown places for higher education, they often get detached from academic world. According to latest statistics, the main reason behind dropout in the age group of 18 to 19 years is inadequacy of self-sufficiency to handle college atmosphere. Unlike school disciple, you need not be dressed up well to enter a class.

Most of the professors do not even focus on attendance and this is the main reason why freshers get lazy and enjoy incredible sense of liberty. Entry in the college itself incorporates a thrilling experience of cultural programs, sports events, film, theatres and of course cheerleading! In fact, VCU says cheerleading uniforms are the leading focus of every event and cheerleaders are there to slip, slide, toss and stretch in the air to bring liveliness.

  • Cheerleading uniforms are stylish and come in a wide array of attractive outfits. Basic outfit for cheerleaders mostly comprises of short skirts and tops that perfectly fits their body. Midriffs and cut briefs is the latest trend followed by cheerleaders. There is no doubt that cheerleading shoes compliment cheerleaders where ordinary shoes does not last for long and make your moves complicated. The increasing craze of college students for cheerleading uniforms has paved the ways for more innovative and custom designs.
  • Lastly, college days are the best times of your life and every student aspires to fill in these days with cheer. The best thing is that you are no more alone either socially or academically.  An individual can certainly strive to enjoy events, have fun and contaminate thrill in cheerleading uniforms. By following some useful tips, you can succeed both in personal and professional life from the very beginning. It is always worthy to fill up your surrounding with contentment and rejoice.

Finding Great Wine Clubs

Wine Clubs aren’t necessarily something we talk about on a regular basis, either on this blog or in real life are they?

It’s funny that since about 50% of wine club sales happen in that magical time (for them at least) between Thanksgiving and Christmas that we barely talk about them the rest of the year isn’t it?

With wine being a 2B a year industry in California alone, you’d think that the way most wineries stay in business would cause more conversation.  I think the reason that more conversation isn’t given to wine clubs is because there are simply so many of them.  Heck, in the United States alone there are more than 7,000 wineries.  Think about how many more there are internationally.  Let’s face it, telling your friends that you’re a member of a wine club isn’t exactly the most glamorous thing if they’ve never heard of the club before, or if they don’t like wine very much.

Get Your Money Right

Money may not get you everything that you want but like widely believed and understood, it can solve a lot of concerns and issues we have in our life. Getting personal finances right is a matter of changing the perception towards life, setting benchmarks and bringing in more discipline than you already have. Many of us have money problems and we easily assume that more money will solve our problem however what we forget is that it is not more money but financial literacy that will help us solve them.

One of the effective steps that can be taken to get finances right is to create a monthly budget. Budgeting helps you understand how much cash is required against each expense. It also helps you identify if the expense is important or can be avoided. For example, paying your utility bill is important but buying a the best kitchen knives may not be. Well, a lot depends on how you view things and events as important which is why managing personal finances correctly also requires a change in the mindset.

Personally, I believe that money must be spoken between friends and colleagues too. It is a little uncertain as to why money matters are not discussed in our families despite being such an integral part of our daily living. Also, in order to get your finances correct, you may want to curb some of your expenditure or at least restrict it. Many leaders and businessmen continue to thrive because they know that it is not about earning but about spending that makes money grow. Saving and investing go hand in hand too. It is a good idea to increase your income and in all reality have more than one source for times that may bring in uncertainty.

Getting a Bargain in Thong Nai Pan

I recently returned from a holiday to Thailand. I’ve been several times before. I simply love the country. The people are friendly, the food is great, the weather is great and if you know a little bit about the place it is very cheap. Each time I’ve returned to Thailand I’ve found it a little harder to hunt out the bargain places to stay and the bargain places to eat. Although the average hourly wage in the country is just a few dollars prices have been driven up by two things. Firstly package tourists who pay over the odds, and secondly by the trend in Thailand to ’upgrade’.

This upgrade trend upset me when I arrived at my favorite beach in Thailand. That is Thong Nai Pan Noi. It’s a white sand beach set in a theater of mountains that few people used to go to because of the bad road. Even the Lonely Planet mentioned little (I think deliberately) about the perfection of Thong Nai Pan Noi. Word was bound to get out, and after a few years absence I was shocked to discover that my all-time favorite beach in Thailand had been taken over by expensive resorts with swimming pools, wine cellars, gyms etc. The cheap places to stay in Thong Nai Pan Noi had virtually vanished. Even Thong Tapan had upgraded and were charging $30 a night.

What to do. I went on the internet. I found a villa in Thong Nai Pan for rent for 6 people. I asked and got a discount. It worked out at $20 per person per night for 3 people. That was a big saving to the resorts on the beach. The villa had a kitchen, a lounge and a large balcony looking over a view to die for. I figured that the money saved on food plus the luxury of having privacy and more space made the villa worth the money. I spent the day asking for people to share the rent with me. I soon two lads from Sweden in the same situation as me, and we went up to see Sunrise Villa. It was an effort walking up the hill but it was worth it. The place was fantastic.

It was the best accommodation on Thong Nai Pan Noi, and yet it worked out in the budget category by the price standards of the beach. Best of all I won the toss and I had the master bedroom.