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Closing the Internet by Section

Apparently although the vast majority of people don’t have a computer in North Korea, there is a functioning intranet operating in the country.   No-one is that sure what it contains, but it’s very likely that it’s mostly full of praise and propaganda for their leaders.   Most people in North Korea have no access […]

Classification of IP Addresses

It sounds a very boring and geeky subject, but it has huge implications for those of us who travel and routinely use VPNs to watch films and movies online.  A VPN stands for a Virtual Private Network and is basically an encrypted tunnel between your client and the VPN server, generally used to keep data […]

The Smart DNS Option for Netflix

I’ve just spent an hour flicking through  the Swedish version of Netflix and I have to say it’s been a disappointing experience.   One of the problems I have is that I’m an English speaker with no knowledge of the Swedish language.    You would think that being on the internet accessing my US subscription […]

Smart Online Shopping – Grab Those Discounts

You know there are bargains out there, but somehow you can’t seem to find them. Just remember everyone who shops online is looking to get the best item at the lowest price. Sometimes this is easy, but at other times you have to be a little creative and invest some time in the process. In […]

To Hull and Back – City of Culture 2017

Hull was in some ways a surprising choice for the 2017 City of culture, however the city is definitely taking the award seriously.  This month a conference will be held exploring the different ways that technology are impacting art. The organisation Digital Utopias who are currently funded by the Arts Council (with some funding from […]

Can Anyone Earn a Living in Digital Art?

For artists who work primarily in digital media, it is something that is very difficult to do. After all their physical counterparts can produce a piece of art which has uniqueness at the core of it’s value. You can’t simply replicate an oil painting or a statue, but for digital art this is entirely possible […]

A First Look at the New Sanyo VPC-GH4 Camcorder

Every electronics manufacturer makes a variety of cameras and camcorders, and you may be wondering what’s special about the Sanyo VPC-GH4 Camcorder. Of course, you decide which camcorder is best for you. However, there are a number of advantages with this popular camcorder from Sanyo. For many people, this camcorder has lots of excellent features […]

Looking for a New Tablet – Start Here

Anytime there’s a lot of competition in a market such as that for tablets, that is when innovation happens. What you’ll find is there are some that are better than others, but they’re all unique in their own way. So this is the natural result and in time some will drop out and others will […]

Entertainment Throughout Canada – A Brief Guide

THEATRE Montreal, and Toronto, Ottawa, Vancouver are the four top theatre facilities (most have been in English). Homegrown ability combines here with shows imported from the US as well as Europe. Ancient theatre and musicals are consistently popular and are generally excellent quality. Shakespeare is not unpopular, however there’s a broad spectrum – a fashionable […]

Working In The Fast Food Industry

There are a few things people should know about Working in the food industry. One of those things is that safety procedures and handling of food can be very strict. The reason for this is because people will be handling food that will be served to people.  These days the quality of food and drink […]