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The Smart DNS Option for Netflix

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I’ve just spent an hour flicking through  the Swedish version of Netflix and I have to say it’s been a disappointing experience.   One of the problems I have is that I’m an English speaker with no knowledge of the Swedish language.    You would think that being on the internet accessing my US subscription to Netflix would be simple but I’m afraid it’s not.   As soon as I step foot outside the US (which I often do) my Netflix account is redirected to whatever physical location I am in – so as I’m in Stockholm, Swedish Netflix is what I’ve got.

Don’t get me wrong there’s still loads of English stuff on Swedish Netflix but obviously the focus is slightly different.   For me being a complete Netflix addict who thrives on the new stuff, it’s just a bit limiting.  Why on earth can’t I watch US Netflix, I mean I’m American, I paid in dollars – why should it matter that I’m spending a weekend in Sweden.    It’s cold here and I want to watch the TV shows I was engrossed in a few days ago.

The reasons cited by Netflix are apparently to do with copyright, they have to individually license films and TV shows to each specific country.   If true this is a ridiculous way t o broadcast content across a global medium, forcing people into specific areas because of their physical location.   Perhaps one day this will change, but for now I’m faced with the problems.

There are solutions, you can use VPNs to hide your real IP address, although I used to have four of these and none of them now work with Netflix.   Even my company one which I use to dial into my office at home is blocked despite being physically located in Denver.     There are still a few options out there though and one I’ve recently discovered is this Smart DNS Netflix solution here, which kind of works in similar way.

What happen is that you change your DNS server settings which is easy to do, then all your web requests are resolved as normal until you try and visit one of the Netflix servers.   At this point the Smart DNS server will route part of your connection through a US location which makes it look like you’re in the USA.

John Williams

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