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Is Abstinence Really a Cure?

About twenty years ago I finally managed to rid myself of a habit that had plagued me for years – smoking.  Something that had started quite innocently as a study aid during college finals had cost me thousands of pounds and possibly several years of my life is the statistics are to be believed.  The […]

Closing the Internet by Section

Apparently although the vast majority of people don’t have a computer in North Korea, there is a functioning intranet operating in the country.   No-one is that sure what it contains, but it’s very likely that it’s mostly full of praise and propaganda for their leaders.   Most people in North Korea have no access […]

Classification of IP Addresses

It sounds a very boring and geeky subject, but it has huge implications for those of us who travel and routinely use VPNs to watch films and movies online.  A VPN stands for a Virtual Private Network and is basically an encrypted tunnel between your client and the VPN server, generally used to keep data […]

The Smart DNS Option for Netflix

I’ve just spent an hour flicking through  the Swedish version of Netflix and I have to say it’s been a disappointing experience.   One of the problems I have is that I’m an English speaker with no knowledge of the Swedish language.    You would think that being on the internet accessing my US subscription […]

Is Using Torrents Safe – Ermm noooo

Many of us have been there, I’m sure – can’t wait for that latest episode, that movie that isn’t released in your country for another two months then you read the entire plot line on a web post or in a magazine.   It’s infuriating, especially in the world of global media – it didn’t […]

Keeping in Touch with the Cricket When Travelling

For some of us, cricket is by far the most important sport that has even been created.  Certainly we are probably in a minority and in fact many ‘non cricket’ people will look completely amazed when they realize that people do actually follow the whole of a five day test match.  Personally I follow many […]

Success in Building up a Twitter Following

Have you heard of Twitter? Getting Twitter followers is something that many people do. You can even buy them if you get desperate (though this is a really bad idea). Followers should never be measured in volume, especially when it comes to social media. It is better to have smaller but dedicated and loyal followings […]

Using Netflix via Proxy Servers

Netflix (NFLX) was all around the news lately, since the business is supposed to have cracked back on illicit video streamers from abroad. I am able to utilize the native Netflix, Sanchez wrote within an email, I am able to also browse different versions of Netflix, but can’t stream anymore. The sole practical solution to get […]

Netflix Starts Blocking VPN Services

Netflix has grown into one of the biggest media companies on the planet over  the last decade.  It started out with a video by post model but as the internet and the underlying infrastructure has developed then the company’s focus has now changed to a digital demand model.  If you sign up for an account, […]

Smart Online Shopping – Grab Those Discounts

You know there are bargains out there, but somehow you can’t seem to find them. Just remember everyone who shops online is looking to get the best item at the lowest price. Sometimes this is easy, but at other times you have to be a little creative and invest some time in the process. In […]