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Closing the Internet by Section

Apparently although the vast majority of people don’t have a computer in North Korea, there is a functioning intranet operating in the country.   No-one is that sure what it contains, but it’s very likely that it’s mostly full of praise and propaganda for their leaders.   Most people in North Korea have no access […]

Is Using Torrents Safe – Ermm noooo

Many of us have been there, I’m sure – can’t wait for that latest episode, that movie that isn’t released in your country for another two months then you read the entire plot line on a web post or in a magazine.   It’s infuriating, especially in the world of global media – it didn’t […]

Keeping in Touch with the Cricket When Travelling

For some of us, cricket is by far the most important sport that has even been created.  Certainly we are probably in a minority and in fact many ‘non cricket’ people will look completely amazed when they realize that people do actually follow the whole of a five day test match.  Personally I follow many […]

Travel the World – Try Smart DNS

If you travel around a lot and use the internet, you’ll probably notice that your physical location affects how and what you can see online.  For the most part this is fairly useful, for example if you’re on holiday in Spain and looking for a restaurant then it’s Spanish locale results that you need.  Just […]

Entertainment Throughout Canada – A Brief Guide

THEATRE Montreal, and Toronto, Ottawa, Vancouver are the four top theatre facilities (most have been in English). Homegrown ability combines here with shows imported from the US as well as Europe. Ancient theatre and musicals are consistently popular and are generally excellent quality. Shakespeare is not unpopular, however there’s a broad spectrum – a fashionable […]

RV Rentals – A Great Option

If you are one of the many outdoor enthusiasts who have plans to pull off a weeklong getaway with friends or loved ones then you may want to consider an RV rental.  The next best way to explore lots of places without experiencing the inconveniences of public transportation, RVing will make your vacation hassle-free, exciting […]

Getting a Bargain in Thong Nai Pan

I recently returned from a holiday to Thailand. I’ve been several times before. I simply love the country. The people are friendly, the food is great, the weather is great and if you know a little bit about the place it is very cheap. Each time I’ve returned to Thailand I’ve found it a little […]

Chaloklum Charms

The small fishing village of Chaloklum on the tropical island of Koh Phangan is at that the ideal stage of development. It has good accommodation, a selection of bars and restaurants to choose from but at the same time it hasn’t been ‘discovered’. It is not inundated with tourists or 5 star hotels. Nor has […]

Laem Set in Koh Samui

The beaches of Koh Samui in Thailand are normally categorized into busy and not busy. The main tourist destinations of Chaweng, Lamai and Bophut are put in the former category and the rest of the beaches are lumped together in the latter category. In the case of Laem Set neither characterization is entirely accurate. Laem […]